A Pharmaceutical Promo Not to Accept

If you visit a doctors office, you likely see pens and pads of paper with different drug endorsements.  If you get a glimpse of the physicians computer, you will likely see a stamped mouse pad and I have seen even a promotional mouse!

Marlboro coat?

When I was a kid and tobacco companies were not censored in advertising, it was not uncommon to see a heavy smoker with cigaret gear.  My Scoutmaster had a coat, portable grill, and countless other products he received free from cigaret purchases.  Looking back, it is very sad that he was addicted…..

The Point….

Today while volunteering at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, I noticed a family with kids.  The mother was carrying an empty bag which was quickly filled with coats and passed to the father to carry.  It was a bright green bag with the product logo from “Cialis!”  What?  Do they have a program where you buy a years supply and get a free bag?  Is one of them a doctor and receive the bag as a bribe?  WOW!  I could not believe it!  Perhaps they did not know what the product was?  With all the commercials on television, one would think not.

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