Central Park Zoo – No “Alex the Lion”

After seeing Madagascar, it is no doubt that many people go to the Central Park Zoo in search of Lions, Hippos, Giraffes, Zebras, and Penguins.  

I knew the park was very large, but the zoo was amazingly small.  It cost $8 to get in and no discount for volunteers at other zoos and took just 30 minutes to see the zoo.  

I was really excited about the Polar Bears, but they were asleep.  It was a very nice day in NYC, mid to upper 50s, so no wonder they were not active.

The Red Panda was sleeping in a pine tree.  The penguins and puffins were behind glass in an enclosed space which made photography difficult.  Okay, I will stop, basically I was shocked by the conditions.  I could not believe how little space the animals had.  I was thinking that the Smithsonian NZP had some small spaces, but the sealions had such a tiny space to swim in circles.  Thankfully there were not too many large animals there as there was so little space.

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