Avenue Q on Broadway

Break from the Dog Show…

From 8 am until close to 3 pm dogs are judged.  Around 8 pm each evening a final selection is done.  Day 1 a few of the Group Winners were selected and Day 2, the remaining groups and Best in Show.

So…we walked by the Half Price Ticket booth in Times Square… between the Milford Plaza Hotel where we were staying and the MSG Arena and noticed Avenue Q was showing.  It is not normal on a Monday to have shows, but there were a few.

We ended up getting 5th row seats for just $67, half the usual cost each ticket.  This is the second time in NYC and 3rd overall for the show.  Saw it in DC as well.  So funny!  I was going to see about getting tickets in DC this week, but did not have time between jobs, so we settled for NYC 🙂  LOL.  

If you have not seen it, it is basically a non-pc Seasme Street for adults.  Check it out!

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