Review: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – Spoilers

WOW….Great Movie!

Let me start with that.  When you have seen Star Wars, and likely Star Trek FAIL at making prequels, you get a little skeptical.  I have to say I was pleasantly proven wrong!  The movie has the same characters as the others and at the very end……. leads right into the opening of the “first” Underworld movie.  Well done!

Victor is back as the head of the coven and does an excellent job in the movie.  Not sure it was the actor, but the part was great.  The love of a disobedient daughter to eventually having her executed following the protocol of the coven and leading the vampires.  This is definitely a hard task and he remains strong by following through with the execution.

I am not sure how long the movie was and even my partner was awake through the whole movie which is  a first.  So with that said, definitely a good movie to see.  

You learn about the start of the Lycans and that there are 2 breeds. One that can sustain human form and another that is in animal form all of the time.  It was also interesting to learn that they Lycans were created in order to protect the Vampires while they were sleeping during the daylight.

As with most prequels, there is no need to watch the other ones before seeing this movie.  Let me know what you think.  This is definitely the best movie I have seen this year.  Last week I saw “The Unborn.”  I won’t even waste time talking about that horrible movie.

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