NASA Facts…Cool who you meet!

Amazing who you meet….

So the other day I have the privilege to speak with someone who worked for NASA.  We talked about a lot, I attended Space Camp and love the idea of Space exploration.  Here are some cool facts…

  • The Space Shuttle can both take off and land unattended.  This would allow the use when inspection reveals some potential flaws which may cause an accident.  With that said, in order to save costs until a new space vehicle has been produced, may spend less time getting the shuttle cleaned up and simply launch it unmanned with the eventual destruction of the aging fleet.  The only problem with this…..the Smithsonian is supposed to get one 🙂
  • The American Flag on the Moon is plastic!  I guess it should be expected since there is 1/6 gravity on the Moon.  I used to think that since there was not any gravity and therefore by “molding” the flag, it would just stay that way.
  • The blast off of the lunar lander likely knocked the flag down.  This being said, the first person to commercially visit the moon will likely swipe the flag.

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