Remote App for iPhone and iTouch!


That is all I have to say about the “Remote” app for the iPhone and iTouch from Apple.

What is does:

Allows you to connect via wireless to a computer on the same network that has iTunes installed.

How it works:

Once installed, you get a code on your portable device.  Go over to your iTunes library on your Mac or PC and under Devices, select your portable device.  If it is not there, I would restart iTunes and the app on your device.

Enter the code generated on your iPhone or iTouch on your computer and viola, you are linked and your portable device can now access your playlists.  I think you can get to the whole library, but besides searching, was only able to list by album or artist.

Some cool things:

  • You can control the volume of your speakers from the slider on your phone.  It looks as if you have the music on your phone with the familiar look of iTunes.
  • Works anywhere on the network.  Originally I thought that “remote” meant it worked as the optional remote controls did and needed to be in line of sight.  I was so wrong!  Full control of your iTunes library, can configure for more than one, from anywhere on the same network!

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