2000 miles and counting

Since mid April 2008 I have been riding my bicycle almost exclusively.  Besides a cold or vacation, I have ridden every day.  My motivation was 3 fold….

  1. Save time on way to work….. Georgetown University, in response to complaints by rich stay at home residents, changed the bus route from direct one to one that utilized major roadways and not a side street.  It did not seem logical to me, nor did I want to get up earlier.  It takes me less time to ride from my apt to work than the bus ride alone!
  2. Save money…. my part time job was in Friendship Heights immediately following my main job and it was necessary to take public transportation to make it in time.
  3. Save time on way to volunteer activities.  There are bike racks in the parking garage at the Air and Space Museum and one near the entrance of the National Zoo.  Again, saving metrofare.
  4. Vehicle for fun.  If I ever do get a chance, there are lots of beautiful trails to go on in the Greater Metro Area.  My partner got one as well.
  5. Exercise – More of a side effect, but certainly a benefit.

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