Blu-Ray SUCKS!

So I picked up Mama Mia! on Blu-Ray DVD today.  Besides only being $3 off retail at both Target and Best Buy, I have been sold on the 7.1 surround sound.  I don’t waste money on “regular” movies that aren’t based on a musical score.  So I thankfully am watching the newest in the Mummy saga.

I would like to be watching Mama Mia!, but my new Samsung BD-P1500 cannnot play it!  I updated the firmware which took what seemed like close to an hour just to download.  I own a Toshiba HD DVD Player and never had to update it.  Granted no new movies were released after the player came out, but I have heard from others that Blu-Ray has caused nothing but trouble and with Sony Blu-Ray players, takes around 3 months for a compatible Blu-Ray Firmware Update!  What! I thought Sony owned the specification.  I would think that perhaps there could be some kind of standard?  I do believe that every “standard” DVD will play in any DVD player from the beginning of time, but not Blu-Ray.  Needless to say I am upset and of course cannot return the movie and get the “standard” DVD, but may try to exchange it for another DVD so that the Movie Industry can reimburse Target for a “defective” disk.  

If blu-ray does not sell this holiday season…movie industry executives may scrap Blu-Ray

Now that is an interesting statement I found online.  So I would be left with 2 dead DVD successors!  


So….I am trying another firmware update…aparrently the one downloaded by the player was not the most recent.  Crossing Fingers.

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