Review: Madagascar 2 (Spoilers)i

Who does not love the militant penguins!  I wish they would make a movie just on them.  LOL.  Anyway…back to the movie.

We start by getting a flash back to the first movie and then into the past where we learn how “Alex” ended up in the Central Park Zoo.  He was baited and captured from an African preserve. 

The lemurs have a spectacular sling shot plane takeoff with eventually crash lands in Africa.  The group of zoo animals find themselves in a preserve in Africa and Alex runs into his parents who happen to be the head of the pride.  The birthmark, which happens to be in the shape of Africa is on his paw like his father.  

The old lady that kicks the “Bad Kitty’s” butt in the first movie, is back for several rounds in this movie as well.  It turns out that New Yorker’s while rude, are also very strong willed and proud.  Before killing Alex and his father who just rescued him from being roasted on a spit, Alex performs his zoo act and is recognized by the New Yorker’s which keeps them from becoming dinner.  

Gloria and the Giraffe fall in love.  The lead penguin marries his bobble head Tahitian bride, and the penguins depart the island in their rebuilt air plane which after some skillful redesign becomes a helicopter. 

The movie was very entertaining and had me laughing throughout.  The only thing I did not like…is the fact that there is a bully lion that is trying to take over the pride much like Disney’s “The Lion King” and Alex leaves the pride first by being taken away, and then again when he is tricked and fails his right of passage.   This was not necessary and could have been totally eliminated from the movie not making the movie reminiscent of another, but the ass kicking by the old lady when he is sporting her purse as a man bag is priceless.  

Let me know what you think?  Was it better than the first?  Is the bully lion necessary?

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