So I called Chase, the new holder of the Circuit City Credit Card.  Apparently in the fine print in the 100 page booklet you are given when opening up an account, the lowest interest balances are paid off first and there is NOTHING that customer service can do about it. 

I thought this was no longer permissible by law, but according to the customer service rep, which was not being helpful, is not.  This is definitely definitely a shady business practice, so I hope that some good comes from my post.  Since I was not able to apply my payment towards my interest bearing balance, I asked if she could lower my interest rate. The answer was “I don’t show any offers available at this time.”  How nice and convenient.


20 Year Goal: 1,000,000 Volunteer Contacts

It has been a while since my last update…here it is:

Today was a big day at the Air and Space Museum for the season.  649 persons.

To date….

51237 National Air and Space Museum

15402 National Zoo

27 Tours at the National Zoo

488.5 Total Hours

and the total is ….. 66639

Current Estimate 22 total years….. 18 months down and 20.5 years to go!

Bring a Flashlight to Costco

We take power for granted.   Your power company says that “they are always there.”  What happens when the power goes out?  When you are at home, light a candle.  When you are shopping, on come the emergency lights right?  WRONG.  If you are shopping at Costco, be sure to bring a flashlight.  After the initial screaming stopped, customers took out there cell phones and lit their way out.  Needless to say, I was not able to get shopping done…but let’s investigate.

  1. Lights go out.
  2. The store is pitch black, there are no emergency lights and no generator.
  3. After realizing emergency lights are not coming on, you work your way to the front where you hear an employee ask for you to leave your cart and exit the store.
What is wrong?
  1. No emergency lights
  2. No supervisors (One employee is asking where the supervisors are.)
  3. No communication system
  4. No staff clearing out the store.  If you did not come to the front, you would not see any employees.
What should have happened?
  1. Emergency lights should be installed and should have come on.  (In NY it was required of any business to have both lit exit signs and emergency lights.)
  2. Employees with flashlights should have been clearing out the store.  My suggestion would have been to start at the back and work as a team to clear each aisle.  

Movie Review: Eagle Eye (SPOILERS)

EXCELLENT!  Reminds me of iRobot, MacGyver: Human Factor, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Homewrecker and some SciFi Film where computers take over, but was very action packed and engaging.  While I already gave away the premise of the movie, I won’t give away any more.  I have not seen a movie in so long, and this was worth the wait.