Leopard vs Tiger

There are some good enhancements in Leopard…

  • Time Machine
  • Spaces
  • Transparency and Dock Reflection (Okay..not necessary, but cool.)
There are also some issues I have discovered….
  • Wireless seems to drop and the status icon says “Scanning”
  • When restarting, presumably after waking from sleep, Finder is not able to quit the running apps and ultimately I must hold the power button down to turn off the machine.  This is something from my windows days that I really dislike to do.
When I recently installed a new drive and installed from my Tiger restore disks, I would not have upgraded to Leopard, but…. The latest release of Delicious Library, a cool personal movie database and lending system, does not work with Tiger.  Big bummer!  So I decided to upgrade to Leopard chalking my issues up to corruption.
I was wrong, the same problems I had previously are happening again 🙁  While I have not found a solution to the “Application failed to quit” preventing normal restart/shutdown/logout.
Solution to Airport Issue!
I will keep my fingers crossed, but a suggestion to disable the status icon for the Airport has seemed to work!  While I have no way to check when I have connection issues if indeed the “scanning” is occurring, I have not noticed any lag in website response which was a tell tale sign of the issue.

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