Jerks at The Bike Rack DC

I won’t go into detail, but be warned to not do business at “The Bike Rack” in DC on Q St. NW.  I have been in the middle of a billing dispute with them and they called to have me return my bike.  They sounded nice on the phone and after holding the bike in my apartment for 5 months not using it, decided that even though the last time I was over, they were unaccommodating, that I would be nice and deliver the bike to them.

I get over, and one of the owners says…. “What is wrong with the bike?”  I said “Nothing, I explained the situation to the credit card company.”  He said “You lied.  You told them it was defective.”

Let’s just say they are jerks and they DO NOT HONOR THEIR STATED RETURN POLICY!

YES I had a BAD experience, but I am not the only one…check out Reviews at Yahoo Maps

Best Bike Shop?

CITY BIKES by far is the best bike shop in town!  If they carried Giant, I would have purchased the bike from them.  

Why they are the best….

  • They give WABA members discounts on both bikes and accessories. (Bike Rack does Not)
  • They give you 30 days to be sure that the bike you purchased works for you. (No other bike shop does this.  Kind of like how few car dealerships allow you more than a test drive.)
  • They have friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Check out City Bikes online.

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