HP Touchsmart PC

So it would not be fair if I were the only one to go shopping…Patrick came along and picked up an HP Touchsmart at Best Buy.  Oddly enough, not all stores carry all products.  The first store we went to near the Circuit City in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA did not have the 506 model which comes with the following additional items…

  • 4 GB Ram (504 has 2 GB)
  • NTSC and ATSC Digital Tuner (504 does not have one)
  • NVideo w/ 2 GB video ram! (504 has Intel 256 MB)
  • 500 GB 7200 SATA Drive (504 has a 320 GB 7200)

Both come with a 22″ touch screen and is less than 2″ thin!  As a Mac convert, I am hoping that the next generation of iMacs will come with a touch screen option.  Definitely a new concept in home computers.  Aside from the HP, I am not sure there are any other touch screen all-in-one computers out there, but this is definitely a glimpse of the future!

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