35 Year Goal: 62,333

Not much more to say…this past weekend I reached 62,333!  It is sure taking a long time.  I have been volunteering for 17 months in DC and knew that it would take 35 years or so in order to get there.  


For the billionaires out there, 1 million does not seem like and much.  With me talking for more than 900 people each weekend, I would not think it would take so long, but the calculator does not lie, I checked a while back and changed my estimate to 30 years and now, it looks like 21 years….still a long time, but definitely a long term goal and a fulfilling one 🙂

To recap…..

  • 462 Hours
  • 26 Zoo Tours
  • 14851 Interpreting at the Zoo
  • 47482 Visitor Services at the most visited museum in the world.. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
  • 124 days

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