Batman Dark Night in IMAX!

Just got back from a 5:35 showing of Batman at the Natural History Museum IMAX.  I had heard that portions were shot in IMAX and other portions would be in a letterbox format.  

WOW… So much more was in IMAX than I expected and though I saw it once in a “normal” theatre, it was definitely worth the trip!  Quite a few of the action and cityscape scenes were shot in IMAX so the entire 66 foot tall screen was used.  You feel like you are soaring over the city with Batman and I almost got a little dizzy at one point as we were panning around a building top.  

Check out Smithsonian on the Internet for showtimes and for just $12.50, see the biggest movie this summer, and hopefully of all time if it can pass Titanic (Fingers crossed).  You can avoid the convenience charge by visiting either the National Air and Space Museum or Natural History Museum IMAX box office.  Both museums are open until 7:30 PM during the summer tourist season.

I gave Batman a high rating before and the IMAX is definitely not a disappointment.  The weight and size of the IMAX cameras are currently prohibitive.  Hopefully the technology will advance to include a lighter, more compact camera with more movies released in an IMAX theatre near you!

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