Now this is a classic….motorcycle thing?

After catching an episode of Family Matters on Nick at Nite, and a recent discussion with a coworker about classic cars, I decided to search for the car Steve Urkel drives. It is a BMW Isetta (Clown Car). I found a great site which talks about Microcars….

Click on the “Next Microcar” link next to the picture to see many variations which seem to have led to the BMW Beetle. It claims to be a cross between a motorcycle and car which is quite apparent when you look at the 3 wheel model 🙂

Perhaps at retirement, assuming I don’t need to actually drive on a road due to speed limitations and also with a front opening door, not so confident in a 5 star crash test rating! A Mini Cooper is my other option. Though by the time I am able to retire, around 79 at the rate the government is going, I may need to get a scooter with a shopping basket instead.

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