Return to Sender

Already opted out and still getting junk mail?  Is there a pre paid postage label?  Cut off your mailing address and restuff all of the enclosed materials into the envelope and send it back. 🙂  

My philosophy is as simple as that.  I don’t enjoy getting junk mail, though I do like my shredder, I will resist and return the junk mail at the senders expense.  

My Hypothesis

I believe that if enough people do this, companies will either no longer provide postage paid return envelopes which in turn may decrease sales, or simply refer recipients to a website to get the offer and no longer accept replies via mail, or totally rely on email and no longer send via the postal service which would help the environment.  We have spam filters for email which in my case work very well, but postal workers by law cannot discard any mail addressed correctly and are not able to provide spam protection for postal mail.

If you are on facebook, you can search for the group I created.  Let’s combat the junk mail! 


P.S. – I have not tried it yet, but it would be cool to ship back at the senders expense a box of rocks 🙂  Simply tape the return envelope on the box.  Be sure to remove your name as I am sure they will be upset.

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