Movie List Updated

779 and counting…..  I have way too many movies, but cannot seem to give them up, but am offering free rentals to those who work with me at Georgetown University, World Market, National Air and Space Museum, National Zoo, and/or a friend of mine.

  • No Late Fees
  • No Rental Fees
  • No Membership
  • No Hassles
Visit my movie site today.  I exported using the new export function built into Delicious Library and now have been able to separate movies.  There are shelves for the following:
  • Combo HD (One side HD DVD, other side Standard DVD)
  • Educational (Mostly Discovery and BBC DVDs here)
  • Favorites (Self explanatory, maybe we have some in common)
  • HD DVD (HD DVD format, only playable in HD DVD players)
  • New (My most recently acquired DVDs)  Blockbuster 3 for $20 🙂
  • TV Series (Complete MacGyver, Episodes, and other programmes aired on TV.)
Shoot me an email and borrow today! Jason’s Movie List

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