Nice Ride….Less than 11 minutes home!

I have been cycling for a few months now and I seem to have a “need for speed.” Last night on the commute home it took me 10 minutes and 52 seconds to go 2.69 miles with an average speed of 14.9 mph with a top speed of 26.6 mph.

Over my first 643 miles I have cleaned my chain twice, I have two fewer undershirts now, and replaced 2 rear tubes. Everything is working fine and I am so happy with my bike! I am still acquiring biking clothes and supplies such as gloves, glasses, those things I never really thought of before.

I am a member of Waba, a preferred customer at Hudson Trail Outfitters and Performance Bicycle (As of last night). Bike supplies seem to be expensive and the memberships basically paid for themselves on my first purchase. I am excited to have gotten what seems to be a really good deal on some thorn proof tubes from Performance Bicycle hoping that will prevent so many flats between GU and Friendship Heights on my way to work. They say to be 4 times thicker, will have to see. For those avid cyclists concerned with speed, the extra weight would be unacceptable, but for me, the commuter, a little extra weight in exchange for getting to work on time…well worth it 🙂

My cycling inventory (Reason to keep 2 jobs too)

  • Helmet – Giro Ionos (I run hot, so need all the air flow I can get)
  • Glasses – Coming in the mail..but they are cool ones that automatically tint.
  • Gloves – Louis Garneau Gel Carbon (Hmm..something about “Carbon” in the name that sucked me in)
  • Shoes – Shimano SH-M122B (Shoes I Can Walk in)
  • Petals – Crank Brothers Quattro (They looked cool)
  • Socks – My usual Hanes….have not splurged on the socks yet and perhaps won’t.
  • Shorts – Louis Garneau Ergotex 2 (Sweet waffle pattern and they don’t feel like spandex!)
  • Nickers – Pearl Izumi (Deal on Chainlove, are spandex and will have to get used to the suspenders! – Cool day riding)
  • Rain Gear – Performance Bicycle jacket and pants (They are so waterproof they make me sweat just having them on…now that I change at work, may not use them and just enjoy the acid rain 🙂 )
  • Jerseys – Mixture of Pearl Izumi, DeMarchi, Oakley, and Giordana (I think I have about 7 now which is enough. They seem to stink really bad and the running of the washing machine just for a jersey or 2 was inefficient so, now I have a weeks worth since I ride daily)
  • Lock – Bulldog (Super Heavy with cable for the front wheel. I leave my bike inside when I can and leave the lock at home)
  • Computer – Wireless Cateye (Basic that I know about cadence, probably want to upgrade and get one with temperature on it. Not sure I will go for GPS, but elevation would be cool. I think I have a watch somewhere…though it got a little wet and I think is done 🙁 )
  • Maintenance – Multitool, Blackburn AirTower 2, CO2 inflator, tire levers.

Anyone have suggestions for any other supplies I need or anything that works really well for you? I am especially curious on Jerseys….since there seem to be 10,000 of them out there all saying many different cool sounding things. I don’t care the price, but I do tend to run a little hot and want to be as cool as I can!

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