Movie Review: “Wanted” (Spoilers)

So this time, in an attempt to find a theatre where patrons understand the term “courteous,”  we travelled to Silver Spring, MD by hopping on the Metro Rail.  I was not aware of the acquisition of “Consolidated Theatres” by Regal Entertainment Group so this is another theatre to use the $7.50 movie tickets from Costco 🙂  Silver Spring is definitely up and coming and very busy tonight.  After dinner at the Austin Grill, which had a surprising Tex Mex menu, we caught the 7:25 showing of “Wanted.”  The previews got me interested.  Any spy like movie with Angelina and Morgan is definitely worth watching.  I have yet to see a bad movie starring either actor.  

I have to admit the beginning 30 min or so seemed to go on for a long time.  This was when the main character was introduced and his situation explained.  This movie seemed to be directed in a similar manner as “Batman Begins” and “Spiderman,” some of my favorite movies.  

To begin, this is not a movie for young children or those who are very sensitive to “swear words.”  The “f-bomb” is dropped a number of times.  The opening scenes reminded me of the classic “Office Space” complete with a miniature red stapler.  A guy stuck in a dead end job in a cubicle with an annoying nagging boss.  After a few run-ins with the “Fraternity” he grows some cojones by telling his boss off and breaking half of his ergonomic keyboard on his coworker’s face.  His coworker has been cheating on him with his girlfriend for quite some time, even leaving his wallet in the apartment!  Once that happens, he realizes his life is going to change and starts the training to become a member of the “Fraternity” of assassins.  

Morgan freeman is the head of the fraternity which gets kill orders from a 1000 year old loom which spells out the individuals to be killed in binary code.  The flaws in the weave reveal the the code.  No one questions the loom and the code dictates the swift assassination of those selected in order to save lives.  

The stunts in the movie are incredible.  A very strange twist is a recovery room.  This room seems to have multiple wax baths which speed recovery of wounds.  The main character wakes up disoriented unable to move.  

The main motivation for the joining of the fraternity is the main characters father who was said to have been killed.  He did not know his father.  He is trained and sent to kill his fathers’ assassin.  Hanging from a derailed train over a ravine, he does shoot his target who oddly enough catches him just a few minutes before preventing his fall.  As he is dying, he reveals that he is truly the father.  A friend of his father connects the dots for him and it turns out that he is on the wrong side and the loom actually has revealed that all of the current assassins in the fraternity are slated to be assassinated!  

Standing in a room looking for the leader, he becomes surrounded by a group of assassins and leader orders him to be killed.  After explaining what he has found, and a rebuttal by the leader that if it weren’t for him, they all would have been killed and he is now choosing who is to be assassinated.  One of the assassins decides to forego “the code”, but before he shoots, Angelina bends a bullet which ends up killing all of the assassins as it travels around finally striking her in the head upholding the code.

Morgan escapes, but in the end, goes on a hunt to kill the rogue assassin….but, in the same way his supposed dad was killed, Morgan is killed!  

So now that I have spoiled the movie, go see it!  It is a great one!

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