Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda (Spoliers…..just a few)

This past weekend I finally checked out “Kung Fu Panda.”  As you may know, I am a tour guide at the National Zoo and the Giant Pandas are a big hit.  Not really a Jack Black fan, but the “Skidooosh” with the belly bump really got me interested, not to mention the many other notable cast members.  

The movie was very entertaining and kept my attention throughout with not even one glance to my watch!  The fight between the leopard and panda came and I was waiting for the “Skidoosh”, saw the belly bump and…..there was none.  Just goes to show you how much movie “teasers” are just that. 🙂  The “Skidoosh” came with the “Wooshi Finger Hold” and was great.

A good film for all ages, except the babies that cannot talk and just want to cry, (hint hint, stay home next time) “Kung Fu Panda” is a great film, one that I will likely pick up on DVD when released.

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