Movie Review: Definitely Maybe

New to DVD this week, “Definitely Maybe.”  I meant to see it in the theatre over Valentines this past February, but did not have the time.  I rented it last night and it is spectacular!  Abigail Breslin and Ryan Reynolds who I remembered from “Van Wilder,” a movie I own ashamedly.  (I don’t think I have watched it though 🙂  One of those movies from my childish days purchased with the “Scary Movie” series.)

I think I watch too many movies.  I know so actually, I tend to put in a movie when baking, cleaning, or when I really plan to pay attention in lieu of television.  I despise advertising and until television becomes commercial free, should be now since cable costs money, a reason why I don’t get cable now, movies it will be 🙂  

I think it just my brain, but I tend to recognize people by face more than name.  While the dvd cover does not mention it, Kevin Kline has a small roll in the movie.  His makeup and costume disguised him, but his voice revealed him.

If you read my last post you saw that “Teasers” for movies tend to draw you in with the most interesting parts smashed together.  This was definitely the case here!  If you remember “The Never Ending Story” you recall two well known stars, one reading a book and the other listening and both of them chiming in as the story is portrayed on the screen.  This is how “Definitely Maybe” unfolds.  Abigail Breslin, portraying a similar role as in “No Reservations,” is the demanding insistent daughter of a failing marriage wanting to know the story of how her mom and dad met.  Ryan Reynolds intrigued me as an actor.  I think this was because he was relatively expressionless and his voice steady and almost calming.  Hard to explain, so check out this “chic flick” and let me know what you think.

Another movie that kept my attention and eyes off the clock.

Planning on checking out “Wanted” and “Wall*e” which open this weekend, so come back soon!

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