Movie Review: “The Happening” (Spoilers)

If you have not noticed already, I really do enjoy movies 🙂  This past weekend on a rainy Saturday, I caught “The Happening.”  You have to respect those movies released on Friday the 13th.  While there were some laughs in the movie, it was mainly a horror movie.  

Okay, normally movies trailers draw people in to movies and that was what happened this time.  The trailer initially kept me away from “Ironman,” but good reviews ultimately drew me in.  This time it was the trailer and not the Yahoo movies “C” reviews by both critics and movie goers like myself.  

I do have to admit I like Mark Walhberg too 🙂

Today, the Environment has been a big concern and it was a theme in this movie.  I was a bit surprised that the trees and grass, the very entities that create the oxygen we breath, started to release a neuro toxin causing us the commit suicide.  That being said it there were very graphic scenes which did peak my interest.  I was kind of hoping for a Star Trek type of movie where the stars find a solution to the problem kind of like when Captain Kirk goes back to the past to bring a Humpback Whale to the present in order to respond to an alien probe whose communications are vaporizing the oceans and blocking the sun.  The stars deduce that the neuro toxins are released in highly populated areas first, targeting smaller populations in order.  So, in order to stay alive, they must continue to get into smaller groups and stay away from others.  Just when you think it is over……the trees and grass stop killing.  hmmm  Was this a precursor to the end of the human population?  As it was localized, the Government is blamed for chemical weapons testing, but at the very end of the short 90 minute movie…France is attacked!  AHHHHHHH!  Let’s hope there is NOT a sequel.

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