Biking to work……

So I have gone from 18+ minutes to 13:01 on my way to GU in the morning.  Wanted to give an update on my commute and joy of bike riding…

My Cateye computer has a setting to count stats only when moving…so here are some from recent trips home from World Market.  While it is mostly a down hill ride, there is a bit of uphill on Wisconsin before the descent on Mass Ave 🙂

Friday June 6, 2008

Max 30.2 MPH, Avg 17.9 MPH, 5.27 Miles, 17 Minutes and 42 Seconds.


Max 33.3 MPH (I pushed a bit :)), Avg 17.8 MPH, 5.22 Miles, 17 Minutes and 36 Seconds.

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