WABA (Washington Area Bicyclists Association)

Henry from WABA

So on my commute via Giant TCR C2 down P Street NW, I am stopped at a light with another cyclist.  He looks familiar and then it hit me….he was Henry from WABA.  We chatted a bit as we traveled between stop lights and 4 way stops in Georgetown.  I let him know that if it weren’t for my volunteering at the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Bike Valet that WABA organized, I would probably not have considered getting a bike when the GUTS Dupont bus route changed.

My last bike

My last bike I left in Rochester was a Huffy 18 speed mountain bike.  It was yellow, produced in the early 1990’s before 1994, and built like a tank.  I remember 1994 as that was the hear I took my bike on a road trip through Camp Casowasco, a church camp in the Fingerlakes region of NY State.  Let’s just say that you should not take a mountain bike on a road trip!  I was always last and had so much resistance that I needed to petal down the hills!

My current bike

My current bike is a Giant TCR C2.  I talked about this in an earlier post.  This is a racing inspired road bike and I have been able to hit 30 pretty easily and upper 20s on the flat stretches.  I did get my first flat however due to road glass this past Wed on my way to Job #2.


So, I just wanted to thank Henry and everyone else at WABA or who is a WABA member as I am, for organizing Bike to Work Day and for advocating for cyclists in the greater DC area!  You have inspired me to become a lifetime cyclist and as long as my knees hold up, plan to ride often to offset the rising gas prices and public trans fees which can add up.

I also want to thank Hudson Trail Outfitters and City Bikes who transformed my initial bike wish being a hybrid with disk brakes and internal gear hub to a road bike with caliper brakes and standard 20 speed drive train!  I know It was tough to get me to rethink my requirements, but when weight came into play, the lighter components won out and I am very happy with my road bike!

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