Movie Bloopers: No Reservations

One of my favorite movies….. you have to like cooking in order to understand it.  Many of my friends have borrowed the movie and not found it to be great 🙁  

I have watched it 3 times the past 2 days….well more like listening to it, like I am now.  I have not noticed a blooper like this since the days of the original Battlestar Galactica and other low budget productions.  In Battlestar Galactica the Cylon march scene and the ship launches were used over and over again.

Blooper One:  Opening scene, apron on, asking for a Dover Sole and Lobster for Table 9…..check out minute 15…Dover  Sole and Lobster for Table 9.

Blooper Two:  Zoe has just come to stay with Kate…Kate needs to go to the restaurant for a bit and leaves the phone with Zoe.  Daylight is shining through the window…next scene….it is dark and she is walking into the restaurant which is just a few blocks away from her apartment.

Not a big deal at all…

Another movie with a noticeable blooper..  National Treasure – Scene where there are meeting Abigail Chase.  Assistant lets them into the room and leaves the room twice!  Check it out!

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