Happy Belated Birthday to ME! 30 Ouch

So I turned 30 back on May 15.  Was not as scary as I thought.  I expected to lose all my hair and memory, but alas the rate at both memory loss and hair loss seems to be the same ;P

My partner Patrick took me out to the movies this past weekend as it was my wish to see Indiana Jones at the Uptown in Cleveland Park (DC).  What a great theatre!  I can see why there are lines out the door to get in.  It puts my 80″ screen at home to shame.  It must have been 60 feet wide and 25 feet tall!

More on the movie review later…..but let me start by saying I really like the Indiana Jones movies, the music probably the most, and was a little disappointed by the most recent one.  A little too much on the special effects and unbelievable stunts.  The other 3 seemed to be quite believable.

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