Failed Customer Service –

A few months ago I had to replace my lost Nalgene water bottle.  I picked up a new one at my local City Sports store.  Within a few weeks, the Nalgene logo was demolished.  I had it in my backpack and a can was rubbing on the label.  The label basically came off as easy as a scratch off lottery ticket!  I wrote to the company recalling the good quality in the past and asked for a replacement bottle.  No response.

Failed Customer Service – Safeway

Since I have many cases to list, I will start with the oldest one….

Last year I purchased food online from as I had a free delivery coupon to use.  There was a deal on soda where you buy 2 get 3 free or something similar.  They did not have what I wanted in stock and brought me what they had.  Needless to say, I did not end up with the appropriate number of 12 packs to get the deal and ended up paying more than $5 for some of them.  At this price it was not a deal at all.  I emailed customer support 2 times and never received a response.  I was nice in the first email and a little frustrated in the second.  My local store was not able to do anything since it was delivered from a different one.