Review Hairspray The Musical

Let me start by saying that I had seen the movie in the theatre and bought the movie as soon as it was on DVD and the soundtrack shortly after the theatre.  Like Rent, I found that my expectations were based on the movie and I was hoping to see cast members in the show which were also in the movie.  No John Travolta here 🙂

While the movie was nice, some of the songs made more sense in the show as they were portrayed differently.  Since I saw the movie I will have to say that I like the movie more, but the show was great in it’s own way.  I especially liked the ending when they encouraged the audience to get up and dance.  I do believe there was a break of character in the show, but the audience loved it.  It had to do with a Jewish phrase made by Edna’s husband.  I wish I could remember what was said, but believe that the inference was a sexual one referencing how to identify Jewish characteristics.

While there were technical difficulties with the sound several times during the performance, It was spectacular!  Unlike Avenue Q, I don’t believe I will see the show again unless it is on Broadway as I have the movie and really enjoy the soundtrack more than anything 🙂

For those of you who have seen the Movie or the Show and not both, I would recommend that you see the other.  Like a book to movie, there are some things that don’t get transferred for better or worse.

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