Review Hairspray The Musical

Let me start by saying that I had seen the movie in the theatre and bought the movie as soon as it was on DVD and the soundtrack shortly after the theatre.  Like Rent, I found that my expectations were based on the movie and I was hoping to see cast members in the show which were also in the movie.  No John Travolta here 🙂

While the movie was nice, some of the songs made more sense in the show as they were portrayed differently.  Since I saw the movie I will have to say that I like the movie more, but the show was great in it’s own way.  I especially liked the ending when they encouraged the audience to get up and dance.  I do believe there was a break of character in the show, but the audience loved it.  It had to do with a Jewish phrase made by Edna’s husband.  I wish I could remember what was said, but believe that the inference was a sexual one referencing how to identify Jewish characteristics.

While there were technical difficulties with the sound several times during the performance, It was spectacular!  Unlike Avenue Q, I don’t believe I will see the show again unless it is on Broadway as I have the movie and really enjoy the soundtrack more than anything 🙂

For those of you who have seen the Movie or the Show and not both, I would recommend that you see the other.  Like a book to movie, there are some things that don’t get transferred for better or worse.

City Bikes

City Bikes was my second stop last Tuesday (4/8) after the Bike Rack did not have the Swobo in stock.  I test rode a Jamis Commuter 4.0  I unfortunately was there just before closing time and did not have any time to really look around. I went back on Wednesday (4/9) and after test riding a Jamis Coda Elite, and not liking the riding position, I opted for the upright Commuter 4.0.  My decision was based on the internal 8 speed hub and disk brakes.  I did not like the color, not the fact that it had a de-railer on the front.  While it gave it 16 gears, I had many a derailment as a kid.  While I felt like a old man on a cruiser, I enjoyed the seating position and purchased the bike.  City Bikes has a 30 day return policy and since I had derailment this past week and did not like the color or the style of riding, may be returning the bike for a Coda Elite or the Giant FCR 1.  If I don’t like the riding style of the others, I may switch to the 8 speed Jamis Commuter 3.0 as it is $300 less.  While it does not have disk brakes, it is a more neutral color and since it does not have a de-railer, should not drop the chain at all!  While I considered riding to work all the time, I decided not to when it rained and therefore the fenders were no longer a requirement.  While I like the look and the benefits such as braking power, ability to stop in rain, and use when wheels are out of alignment, I dropped my disk brake requirement.  Now I am looking for a lightweight bike.  The Commuter 4.0 is 30.5 pounds.  What would be great is that the bike have the option for disk brakes, but that is something that must be part of the bike frame and those that don’t come with them have not had the mounts necessary to attach the Avid Juicy’s I like.  Perhaps if I become an avid biker, I can pick up a true mountain bike with shocks and disk brakes where they really are useful.