Test Ride Giant OCR 3

While I was looking around the Bike Rack for a few hours on Tuesday, I asked Wayne in his opinion, for my needs, commuting and occasional joy rides, which bike under $1000 was the best.  He told me the Giant OCR 2.  They did not have one in my size to test ride at that time and I got into a discussion with another gentleman at the store.  I believe he was the owner, but not sure.  Since I disliked the “Ram Horn” style of handlebars he suggested the FCR 1.  Weighing in at 21 pounds with an Aluminum frame and Composite fork and seat post, I seriously am considering it.  I came back tonight and they had a OCR 3 for me to test ride in my size.  It was very light and moved very well.  I had a very difficult time with the shifting however.  I had never ridden a road bike before and I found myself holding the handlebars between the 2 positions.  The shifting was really cool, but hard for me to figure out.  Pushing the brake handle increased the gear and a small lever decreased the gears.  I am sure it is very convenient and intuitive for a road bike rider, but for a mountain bike rider, it was very difficult.  I think the worst part was that it was in high gear to begin with.  They have an FCR 1 in a box and are going to build it up tomorrow for me to test ride, and likely buy on Saturday.  I am hoping it is still there 🙂

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