Deciding on a Bike

So…I decided not to go to the local Wal-Mart to get a bike this time.  I no longer picked a bike based on it’s color as I had several years ago when I got my yellow Huffy mountain bike.  I checked out two local shops.  The Bike Rack between 14th and 15th on Q St NW since it was so close to me.  It was very small and did not have the bike I was looking to buy with a similar one on order from the factory.  I was looking at the Swobo Dixon.  Yesterday I was finally able to test ride the Otis.  I was soooo disappointed in the quality and ride.  I envisioned the bike to be larger and the twist shifter felt very cheap 🙁  I spent about 3 hours there and test road a Giant Suede, and a Giant Transcend.  The Suede was very heavy, but had a “coolness” factor with plastic chrome hub caps and an automatic shifting 3 speed Shimano Coasting system.  The first one I rode did not shift.  I was told it was likely not assembled properly, but anything that requires electrical power to change gears makes me skeptical about the durability.   The Transcend was cool as well.  I liked the color and the rear rack was actually fashionable in my book.  It was quite heavy as well, and while nice, did not capture my attention at all.  I had my eyes on Carbon Fiber 🙂

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