2008 National Cherry Blossom Festival

Tidal Basin – Washington  DC – March 29 – April 12th.

In order to see the prime bloom this year, you needed to be at the tidal basin before the festival began.  Peak bloom started a few days before the festival officially did.  Not too bad for the planners who have to choose the date well in advance each year and hope mother nature cooperates.

For details, visit NationalCherryBlossomFestival.org

This was the first year that I had ventured near the tidal basin during the festival and I had decided this year to volunteer.  I was assigned to bike valet.  Mind you, my last bike was  a 40 pound steel framed huffy so I really had no idea what kinds of cool bikes I would see.  I did get some ideas however should I be in the market the way gas prices are rising.  It was apparent that many more took advantage of WABA.ORG The Washington Area Bicyclists Association free Bike Valet this year that past.  Last year at both locations they averaged 300 bicycles a weekend.  On Saturday alone at the tidal basin location we had 224 bikes!  Perhaps publicity was better, or perhaps the gas prices are driving others to use alternate transportation.

Volunteering was fun until Sunday night rolled around and I felt I was getting sick.  It turns out that even though I was as careful as I could have been around the disease infested portable toilets, I fell victim to a nasty stomach flu which I just kicked today.  🙁

On that note, be sure to check out the festival and bring your own hand sanitizer!  I will never leave home without it again!

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