Impression: Michael Clayton

Got my hands on Michael Clayton tonight from a local movie chain sure to be eliminated in the next year or 2 as high speed internet connections continue to spring up and more movies become available for online download.  If it weren’t for my free movie rental card, I would not have even rented it.  Call me cheap, but $5 for a movie rental seems a bit excessive.

Anyway…back to the movie…I read that it was by the director of the Bourne series so I had high hopes for a action packed thriller.  Besides the flashback much like that of Swordfish, the movie was not all it was stacked up to be.  It was very slow moving and while I did not fall asleep, was not captured by the film and did not bother to pause it when getting up.  I had the movie on order from Amazon as it was a HD/DVD Combo disk for my obsolete HD DVD player, but am considering canceling my order, perhaps I will give it another watch to see if it intriguing enough to  warrant purchase in the future.  I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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