Impression: Michael Clayton

Got my hands on Michael Clayton tonight from a local movie chain sure to be eliminated in the next year or 2 as high speed internet connections continue to spring up and more movies become available for online download.  If it weren’t for my free movie rental card, I would not have even rented it.  Call me cheap, but $5 for a movie rental seems a bit excessive.

Anyway…back to the movie…I read that it was by the director of the Bourne series so I had high hopes for a action packed thriller.  Besides the flashback much like that of Swordfish, the movie was not all it was stacked up to be.  It was very slow moving and while I did not fall asleep, was not captured by the film and did not bother to pause it when getting up.  I had the movie on order from Amazon as it was a HD/DVD Combo disk for my obsolete HD DVD player, but am considering canceling my order, perhaps I will give it another watch to see if it intriguing enough to  warrant purchase in the future.  I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Career Anchors

Want to find your dream job?  You need to understand your Career Anchor.  Edgar Schein at MIT came up with 8 and after taking a 40 question assessment, I came out being “Security/Stability.”  While I was hoping to be “Lifestyle” where I balance personal and professional, I always have preferred a job that I am happy doing, and one that is secure.  Doing my job, and doing it well are my measures of security aside from the company’s stability and reputation.   I have co-owned a restaurant “Patrik’s Culinary Kreations” and currently a bakeshop “Simply Sweet Kreations,” one would think “Entrepreneurial Creativity” would have been my top Anchor.  While I do like the proposition of retiring and owning my own business, the initial startup can be risky and I don’t mind this as a secondary source of income, but until established, would not be my only job. 

Hope you have all been enjoying the nice weather.  I did not need to wear a coat today! 🙂 

August Rush Review

I watched “August Rush” tonight.  What a stunning soundtrack!  There were a few occasions when I was so moved by the movie that the hair on my back stood up and “it brought a tear to me eye.”  Something about accents…one of the main characters was an Irish Man I believe.  Robin Williams acts very well, but this time plays a bad guy, not my favorite character.  So crank up your surround sound and sit back and enjoy this great movie.  For those macho men out there, yes, it is a bit on the chick flicky side.  For you single guys out there, pick up the movie and call that girl you have been wanting to ask out for a date and enjoy 🙂   Please let me know your comments if you have seen the movie.