Is it worth it (part 1)?

Store Pickup?

With so much available on the Internet today, I rarely buy from a retail store unless there is a great deal to be had. In order to be sure I get the item before going to the store I will place my order online, check store availability and pick up the items if possible. Sounds easy right?

January Pickup 1 @ Best Buy D.C.

I mentioned that I just got an HD-DVD I need HD movies! I placed an order for 3 movies because a buy 2 get 1 free offer was in effect at Best Buy. I placed the order and in the morning get the confirmation messages that my order is ready for pickup. Great! I had verified that the items were in stock and now they are being held for me behind the counter at customerr service.

On my way from volunteering to Word Market, my part-time job, I stopped to pick up my order. I get to customer service and am assisted right away! Great start. Oh, the employee did not know how to do a store pickup and every one else was busy…hmm…10 minutes later it seemed he comes back with 2 of the 3 movies. After checking for the other one and not finding it, I decided to go to the shelf myself since I did not want to wait for someone to get it, brought it back and my order was delivered to me. Before I left the customer service desk, I asked…since I had noticed on a previous pickup that there was a "1 minute pickup or $10 off." pickup policy in effect. I was told that that policy was no longer in effect. Too bad.

Since I was here and had a few minutes left before needing to get back on the Metro, I decided to ask the specialists in the HD TV area why some DVDs appear to by "static-y." The mentioned that my tv was fine and that unless th DVD was shot in HD, it would exist. No biggie, I just back up from the TV and it is not as noticible. Mind you, this is the reason why I had waited to buy an HD TV and HD DVD player…looking close, I was not impressed by the quality which was usually dismissed as being the fault of the split cable signal used in the store.

Anyway..back on track…they were like, the dvds you have in your hand will be upconverted to near HD quality. I am thinking…why would that happen, they are HD DVDs? Wrong…the 2 that were at the counter were regular DVDs! UGH! They not only forgot to pick the entire large 3 item order, they picked the wrong format. I should give them a little credit..they got the right titles! So..since I paid for them…I went over and swapped out the 2 incorrect ones for the HD ones which were thankfully available for purchase.

On the way out the door..I decided to let the "inventory control specialist…the yellow shirt door staff" know that my movies will likely set the inventory sensor off…I don't know why I did…he wanted me to go to customer service. I should have not said a thing..I was just pissed off at that point and wanted someone to know.

I read my confirmation messages when I got home and noticed that the 1 minute guarantee was still in effect….perhaps this is a permanent thing? I called customer service and explained my situation and was given $10 credit…well a coupon that has still not come yet. Giving them a little time to comply.

January Pickup 2 @ Best Buy D.C.

Okay…SeaQuest DSV Season 2 finally arrives to DVD! Bestbuy is $10 less than retail and is the best price out there. I will fast track this one…..Get to the store after getting the "Order Ready" email message….and hmm….item could not be found? What is up? I go to the shelf and bring it back to her and she had still not found it. She gave me $10 off instantly. She said it was picked…but it was no where to be found.


I use store pickup just to be sure the item I want is in stock to not waste a trip so I will likely still use it, but man, what a headache…..I am wondering if I should just pick them up when I get to the store before going over to the pickup counter?

Mind you….I have NEVER had a problem with store pickup and I have probably used it 50 times…so I am still going to give it a try 🙂

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