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HD Invades Jason's Movie List

While waiting for a friend at Best Buy at 4:30 AM for one of those great $399 laptop deals, I had plenty of time to look at the Best Buy ad. Being an tech geek that I am, that is always a bad thing. I picked up a Toshiba A30 1080p HD Player and a few HD DVDs. I ultimately went with this format because Sony has in the past failed in releases of technology…Beta being an example, and the existance of "Combo DVDs." These disks have the standard movie on one side and HD on the other making it possible for those without an HD Player to view the movies I have. While not every disk is a dual format disk, no Blueray disks are.

If you volunteer or work with me, visit my movie page and drop me a message and borrow some disks
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Happy New Year 2008!

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