35 Year Goal!

Talk to 1000000 people!

Just a quick note to let you know where I am on my way to 1 million. Since I volunteer at the Smithsonian National Zoo and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the latter being the most visited museum in the world, I set this goal back in March when my training was completed. The first date recorded was March 24th..so for simplicity, let’s say I started in April 2007. I usually work a 4 hour shift on Sunday at the Air and Space information desk and give a tour or interpret by an animal three Saturdays a month. On dates when I have a tour, typically one of the 3 times each month, they are private with no more than 12 individuals.To date I have talked/interacted with 22290 people.A quick breakdown:17807 at the National Air and Space Museum4683 at the National Zoo. I have also led 7 tours.152 total hours

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