Apple versus PC

“Apple disables Hewlett Packard Laptop”

Here is a true story based on a phone call to the Georgetown University Student Help Desk which I manage. I actually spoke with the student.What a news headline that would be. Macintosh machines are springing up everywhere and I offer that close to 50% of Americans over 16 have an iPod. That is strictly conjecture of course 🙂 By the news headline, I bet your attention would be drawn to the news column. Here is a summary of the phone call I received this past Friday. The student caller will be referred to as Tom.Me: “UIS Student Help Desk. Thank you for waiting. How can I help you?”Tom: “An apple just fell on my computer and now it won’t turn on.”Me: “Do you have a Dell computer? Apple has been catching up these days :)”Tom: [laughing] “Actually I have an HP.”Me: “All jokes aside, what happened?”Tom: “I had a Golden Delicious apple, which I subsequently ate and it was delicious, on a shelf above my desk and it fell on my computer and now it will not turn on.”Me: “Does there appear to be any damage? Are any keys stuck?”Tom: “No, everything looks fine.”Me: “Did the apple hit the power connector?” (I was thinking perhaps the power connector was broken off when the apple struck the computer. Usually I see this when people stuff laptops into bags that are small and pressure is applied to the power connector and breaks the contacts from the motherboard so no power gets to the machine.)Tom: “No, it hit it in the center of the lcd.” (Closed presumably.)Me: “Can you please remove the battery and disconnect the power cord.” (Here is when the Voo Doo ritual begins)Tom: “Okay.”Me: “Now, press the power button 20 times gently.” (When diagnosing IBM machines at my previous job, this discharges any electrical charge in the computer since there are capacitors.)Tom: “With it unplugged?”Me: “Yes.”Tom: “Okay..done.”Me: “Now, reconnect just the power cable and try to turn the laptop on.”Tom: “WOW…it is turning on! You are amazing!”Me: “You are welcome. You can put the battery back in. Can I assist you with anything else?”Tom: “No. Thank You!” I thought that was pretty funny. I am even happier that I was able to help him. The only thing I thought to do. Do you have any funny experiences like this? Share them with me. Have a great Labor Day!

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