Living Steven Covey’s 7 Habits v 2.1


We all like surprises. Do something that makes another happily surprised. Just do it! Surprises are wonderful and unexpected. I am not suggesting buying a 20 Karat diamond ring, but rather something as little as a note in a loved ones backpack or lunch bag, or a book from the local book store that they would enjoy.I usually send text messages to my partner, but last night, I wrote a note and put it in his backpack. Unfortunately he found it in the AM before he left for work…mind you at 6:30 AM I am still in bed since I don’t have to be at work until 9. It was nice to see him look into his bag….notice a piece of paper that was not in there before, and open it up to find a note :)No pole today, but let me know if you do this and if you received a happy emotional response. I am sure you will.Keep cool. It felt like 104 degrees F in DC today.

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