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Paradigm Shift: Congratulations on the Baby!

In line with my earlier blog post about blogging my paradigm is one that happened a few years back. This is one that if it has not happened to you, probably will not because it is just common sense 🙂

Location: Wegman’s Supermarket, Rochester, NY
Date: Unknown Weekend

A little background…..Met her and her husband at an Allegheny College gathering at the Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. Her husband was a year ahead of me and I believe she was in my class, though I never actually met her there. So, we chatted then and then one random weekend, while I was working part time making subs at a local supermarket chain (Wegmans)I saw her and her husband enter the store. He came over and chatted with me while she went off shopping. I noticed that she had a bulge in her lower abdomen, and knowing how skinny she was just a few months before in the fall, it being the spring now, I said “Congratulations!” He replied “For what?” “For the baby” I replied. He said nothing and turned and walked away. His expression was rather a emotionless one, almost like a deer in headlights appearance.I thought to myself, man, I really screwed up. She gained weight over the winter and I just really insulted the husband. I was glad though that I did not say that to her!My ability to determine baby vs additional belly flesh was revealed to be flawed. I no longer mention pregnancy in any conversations. If they are pregnant and want to divulge, she will say so.I do like my polls…here is another one. Have you ever made this mistake before? Have you had any paradigm shifts in your life?   P.S. – I saw the 3 of them in the fall later that year. No, I was not referring to her as 2 people, they were pushing a baby stroller! While I was right, I think my decision to not presume is the best. I am not sure his expression to this day, but perhaps they were not ready to tell everyone, or he was not really all for the idea of a baby, I will never know.

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