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Blockbuster Video

So, I don’t normally rent videos, I own more than 500 and let others borrow them. I live at 17th and P NW in the nations capital and there is a Blockbuster Video about half a block from me, so when Blockbuster started renting online, I had to check it out.

Here is the deal, there are many different plans, but I have the cheapest unlimited plan. Here are the details of my plan $10 a month.

  • One movie out at a time (Takes 2-3 days to get it in the mail)
  • Exchange for a FREE in store rental
  • Get next movie on my online Q
  • Return in store rental (up to a week late w/o penalty)

In other words, as soon as I am done with the online rental…I take it back to the store to not hold up my next movie and watch the in store rental at my leisure. With the FREE monthly movie or game rental, I had 3 movies at times!

My first month, I was a totally glued to the tube and watched a movie almost every night. I watched more than 24 movies in the month. That works out to about $.41, less than 50 cents a rental! Compare that to the $4.69 per in store rental! So if you rent 3 movies a month, sign yourself up! Okay, so I don’t get any kickback, just want you to get a good deal on movie rentals 🙂 I would think that Blockbuster would go under with such a deal, but I went from $0 to $10 a month, so they are making money on me. On the other hand, by renting movies so cheap, I tend to watch them before I buy them previewed. This should help me keep my collection of crappy movies I should have never bought, and wish I could take back become nonexistant 🙂

Sales on Previewed Movies and Games

This brings me to the next reason I like Blockbuster so much…. If you miss the first week when a new movie comes out, when it is below $20, Blockbuster eventually reduces their stockpile and they go on sale previewed around $15. That seems a bit steep, but they move down to $10, and then to $6 if they sit there for a long time. I think I bought “The Talented Mr. Ripley” on VHS back in the day for $1. I thought, if the movie was that bad, I could just cover the protection hole and tape a TV show 🙂

Okay, so the movie you want is $15….unless you have to have it right now, wait for a sale. They tend to occur monthy. Currently the deal is “Buy 2, get 2 of equal or lesser value Free.” So, I picked up 4 movies marked $14.99 each. Movies of the same value are the best deal 🙂 So instead of $30 for 2, I got 4 for $30, $7.50 each!

Thankfully I am a sucker for sales and unless I see the huge banner on the window, resist the previewed movie section.

So there you go, I have not tried Netflix, but since they don’t have a free in store rental for every online, I don’t think it is worth it for me. If you live in the middle of nowhere and Netflix delivers faster than Blockbuster…that probably makes the most sense to you. Vote and tell me if you have used them, which you prefer, or if you don’t watch tv at all.

Save $$, borrow a movie from Me 🙂

My movie list is at if you work at Georgetown U, the National Zoo, or National Air and Space Museum, I can deliver. I don’t charge anything, just ask that you return them promptly so others can borrow them.

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